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Minggu, 12 Mei 2013

Spoof Meatball Soup

My Meatball Soup

It was happened when I was on sixth grade of elementary school. On kartini day, there was a cooking competition which each class had to join it. Each class had one group, each group consisted of five girls. My classmates confused to choose the five girls who were good at cooking.
Then my friends chose me to join it. I refused that decision but my friends begged and forced me to follow the race. I didn’t have a choice and I decided to join that competition. Although I couldn’t cook as well as a chef but I accepted the challenge. My group consisted of Sarah, Linda, Dewi, Vinda and me. They asked me to be the leader of our group.
I said “ouh I can not cook, it’s impossible to choose me as the leader.”
“cmon you’re better be a leader, please” Dewi said
But they forced me again again and again. Finally I accepted it and my friends was happy because I agreed to be a leader. The bell of school rang and I went to home.
I screamed “ouh mom I have a bad news.” I told my mother that I would join the cooking competition.
“what do you say? But you never cook at home.” My  mother said.
I said “it’s so real. Badly, my friends chose me as a leader oh my god.”

Then my mother decided to teach me how to cook. I learned how to cook meatball soup with my mother. At first, I couldn’t cook it but my mother told me that I had to be patient. I learned it until afternoon. So I got so tired then I took a rest.
            The kartini day was came. My heart beated so fast because I was nervous. In the morning, I asked my mother again how to cook meatball soup. After I was ready I wore my kabaya because today was kartini day. I also brought plates and glasses for eating and drinking. Then I went to school on foot because my school was near. On the way to school I thought about how to cook. Then I didn’t know that in front of me, there was a big stone. My feet was slipped and I felt on the road. My plates and glasses broke. At first, I cried then I realized that I had to be strong because I was a leader. My neighbor helped me to stand again, then I walked to school.
I borrowed bowls and glasses from Mr. kurniawan, the guard of my school. Then I walked into my class.
All of my friends waited for me.
“why do you came so long?” Vinda said.
“Sorry but I got an accident. I was fell on the way to school and my     plates, glasses broke.”
“how about your condition?” Sarah asked.
“I am okay rah.”
“how about your plates and glasses?” Linda asked.
“I just borrowed from Mr Kurniawan.”
“oh good job, let’s go guys.” said chairman of my class.
            Suddenly the bell rang and the competition began. I and Sarah cut the vegetables such as carrots, cabbages, potatoes, tomatoes, celeries, and meatballs. Vinda and Dewi, prepared utensils also prepared orange juice for drinking. Linda arranged the foods and beverage on the table.
            Then I boiled the water, at the meanwhile I put carrots and potatoes into the saucepan. Then I put in meatball, cabbages and tomatoes. We waited until 15 minutes. After that I put celeries into saucepan. The last step was put in the salt. The time almost finished. Then my teacher gave a warning that 10 minutes later the competition will be end. I was so nervous and I hurried put a spoon of salt into meatball soup.
            Then Linda poured the meatball soup into a bowl on the table. We were glad because we could done on time. The juries were ready to give a score. The juries came on my table and ate our meatball soup. Suddenly they were giggled, then I was confused why did they giggled.
Then one of my friends whispered to me “they must be like our meatball soup hihihi.”
I said “yes, I think so.
            One of the juries said to us “who was cooked the meatball?
Why this cook so salty?”
I said “me and Sarah cooked it. I don’t know mom I just put a spoon of salt.”
“what? You put in salt? But I have put a spoon of salt too.” Sarah said.
Then me, my friends, the juries laughed together.
            Although we didn’t win but we had an experience about cooking and we didn’t blame one each other. Eventhough the taste of the meatball soup so salty. But I couldn’t forget that moment until now. J

                                                                   AINI MUSFIROH
                                                                   XI IPA 4/2

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